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When will my pictures be ready to view?

After the photo shoot, I carefully go through hundreds of pictures to find the very best photos – and then carefully enhance each one!  This process can take up to 7 days to complete. At the time they are completed, I will send you an email with a link to your private gallery.


How do I download my pictures without the watermark?


Not all clients pay to have their pictures to download. If you paid for your session - please read on. 

Desktop computer only - click Select Photos. Then Click Download. (All button to download all the pictures at once is located in top left.) No “disk” will be provided and is actually not necessary. 

From the Free Photo Moments App - This option is not available. $45 Fee for immediate and ALL WATERMARK removal including the photo moments app. (I immediately lose all potential referrals when I do this. That's why the charge.)

Sharing your photos with others online is MUCH MORE SIMPLE than downloading them to your computer or mobile device and trying to email them. Simply click the “Share” button at the top (Desktop computer) or hit the icon on the bottom right with arrow coming out of the square (Photo moments APP)…and you can share your ENTIRE gallery via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or even via an email. (Or you can share specific photo(s) directly from clicking the photo itself – it’s the icon next to the heart at the top of the photo.)

Remember, you can have all your friends and family download your pictures as well - and the watermark will be removed for them as well - simply share the gallery with them - then have them follow the download steps listed above. 


Why should I download the Free Photo Moments APP to view my photos? 


The Photo Moments APP (Click here to get it on IOS or Android for Free!) is the EASIEST way to view your photos from the convenience of your mobile device such as your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. You can quickly upload them to social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or even Twitter.

After your session, the link to your gallery will include a special link to immediately open your entire gallery through this APP on your mobile device. Its that simple! 


How do I share my favorites?


The first time you use me as a photographer, in order to share your favorites with the world…or even just me (Which I really appreciate!!) is to create an account. It’s free, fast, and easy. Go to main page of website and click CREATE ACCOUNT. Follow the prompts to create your account. Then, scroll over picture(s) you want to “like” as a favorite. Then click the small heart icon in the top left of the picture. Once you have completed this process, you can click the Favorites: Mobile Favorites icon in the top left corner of the webpage. Please share with me, and your friends/family.


How do I print my pictures?


From Your Gallery – select “Buy” – This can be done from the top or after selecting picture(s). Process is very simple from here. Select the picture(s) you wish to print, and then select what sizes or items you wish to purchase. Proceed to your cart and checkout using your credit card. The Watermark WILL disappear when your photos are shipped to you.

*Please remember that I ONLY allow printing through my website for quality control purposes. (Even if you download your photos, you cannot take them to a local printer I.e. Costo, Walmart, Target, Etc. – they are print permission blocked.) Depending on your type of photo shoot, pricing may vary from client to client. I do not make money on the printing cost if you paid for your photo shoot up front. In this scenario, a METALLIC print 8x10 is ONLY $3.95. This really is an amazing, professional, high quality print at a very low cost. Why pay me to use a camera and lens valued at over $10,000 to only ruin it during the printing phase?! 


Thank you again. I truly hope these moments last you a lifetime.