Q: What are your prices? 

A:  There are MANY factors when determining pricing. Your specific desires, including location(s), special effects, day of week, and season, venue or event, and amount of pictures you expect can all vary pricing a great deal. I want your business, so lets not let money get in the way! 

PLEASE NOTE that all sessions are 100% guaranteed or your money back!  

Q: What is included in all photo sessions? 

A: Full Customer Web and Phone Support | Full Gallery of Pictures {All digitally mastered, many with special filters & the original} | Ability to Download & Save all pictures {All photos are YOURS} | All Pictures taken in HD - Equivalent to 4k with large RAW Files beyond 30MP for incredible definition | All pictures captured with full body professional cameras and "L" glass lens | FREE APP for Android or Iphone to easily view and share your photos from your smart phone or tablet | 3 Super Enhancements {You pick 3 photos and I will Re edit (again) at your will!} 

Q: Do you do drone photography? 

A: Yes! I currently use the very latest in drone technology including 4k video and 22MP 24mm pictures with the Mavic Pro 2. Generally speaking, clients that desire drone photography are in real estate or insurance/legal. 

Q: Am I able to keep a disk of all the photos that are taken during this photo session? 

A: A "disk" of your photo session is a bit outdated. You will have the option to view and save your gallery to your computer through this website or your mobile device through my free Photo Moments App. 

Q: Do you have a portrait studio?

A: Yes! The Photo studio is located at my home. I use highly controlled LED lighting with professional backdrop for a very controlled environment. These sessions can be highly customized to your preferences. 

Q: How do I prepare myself, my family, etc for the photo shoot? What about Props? 

A: Visit "Prepare for the Session

Q: Why pay your website to print my photos? Why not just take the digital download via USB to Target or Walmart? 

A: Professional printing labs through my website maintain their machines at the highest levels of accuracy and professionalism. These prints are 100% color true to the photograph. Other local retailers DO NOT COME CLOSE to the maintenance, care, and associate training - thus degrading the photos. Why pay for a professional photo shoot only to ruin the print with a sub-par machine? Also - the WEB printing prices are VERY competitive. (About $4 for 8x10)

Q: What professional equipment do you use? 

A: I use the CANON 5D Mark iii and/or the CANON 5D SR for all my photography. These cameras each allow for large printing to 20x30 and beyond. I use professional CANON "L" glass lens's from focal ranges of 24MM to 200MM, including both prime and zoom optics. I carry the following for most photos shoots: 85mm 1.270-200 f/2.8L IS II, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM and the EF 50mm f1.8 STM. Additionally - depending on the photo shoot, multiple remote flash 600EX-RT systems will be used with soft boxes and/or deflector panels, and even full panel LED lighting. (Similar to used in movies.) For many photo shoots, I can also use multiple 38" Glow Parapop Soft boxes for incredible soft lighting across subjects in my photo. 

Additionally, I am certified in both Light Room and Photoshop for enhancement purposes. 

Equipment and training DO make a difference.