Thank you for your interest in learning Photography!

My 1.5 Hour courses are 100% guaranteed to teach you the concepts of each lesson.

Each course (1, 2, or 3) are the same cost for 1-3 people {come with two friends} and are only $75/hr



Lesson 1 DSLR Camera Functions and Lens Types

This class is ALL ABOUT GETTING OUT OF AUTOMATIC MODE. This course is geared for the beginner photographer. In this course, I will teach you each of your camera's complex functions in easy to understand language and how to apply each setting to your photography. Understanding these commonly used functions will expand your creative control and open up new possibilities with your pictures. 

The lens you purchase is important. Lens types vary a tremendous amount in terms of cost, purpose, quality, and sharpness. This course will also run you through the basics of types, costs, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of lens. From there, you will be able to make a smarter investment. I will also allow you to "play" with my many lens types to see which you might prefer. (Canon) 


Lesson 2 - Lighting 

"Photography is 98% about the light. The other 2% is too." In this course, we will discuss all aspects of lighting, and how it can dramatically effect the outcome of the pictures. Understanding the concepts of exposure is critical to good photography. This course will teach the different types of light, their advantages and disadvantages, expand on the "golden hour" and teach the critical three components of ISO, Shutter Speed, and aperture. 



Lesson 3 - Motion, Depth, and Composition 

Motion, Depth, and composition are critical when it comes to understanding how to "make" great pictures - and not just get them by accident after shooting all day. By controlling these "big three" - you can create a range of emotion in your pictures - from dramatic to subtle. Here, we will also learn how to draw various focus points into your picture to control what the image conveys. We will also discuss the rule of thirds, cropping techniques, and how to use programs such as Lightroom to enhance your photos.